The Modern Men Try Dollar Shave Club!

The amazing people at Dollar Shave Club sent all three of us boxes containing their entire Wanderer product line. They sent us the products free-of-charge and allowed us to use the products and report back, stating our true opinions.

Dollar Shave Club sent us: Hydrating Sage & Black Pepper Shampoo and the matching Conditioner, Mint and Cedarwood Body Wash, Citrus Hawaiian Ginger Daily Face Cleanser, Calming Amber & Lavender Body Bar, Lathering Jute & Bamboo Shower Cloth, Shave Butter, Post Shave Dew and their Executive razor and blades.

We, the Modern Men, tried these products through the month of July 2017 and reported back to each other. Here’s what we had to say.

KP’s Take

I was a classic single guy. I found a THREE-in-one shampoo. Yes, THREE. It was shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one. Dry skin, mania. But easy – oh yes. One bottle, a face cloth and done. Let’s move on. Disposable razor and no kind of skin prep for it.

I met my wife and she introduced me to the beauty of a loofah and body wash. I combined my shampoo and conditioner in one bottle though – whatever was on sale. I still used the cheap disposable razor but did it in the shower so skin was still warm and soapy.

Then the big box of goodies from Dollar Shave Club arrived at my front door. My world has been changed.

SO many cool new things to try. I have to say, I was a bit overwhelmed. The amount of bottles on my side of the shower shelf now outnumbered those on my wife’s side. But into the battle I went.

On a daily basis I used the shampoo followed by the conditioner. The body cleanser was a fantastic step with the new lathering cloth that has a rough and smooth side – luxurious! The hydrating daily face cleanser made me feel so clean. My skin, honestly, has never been so soft, nor has my shower smelled so good.

On days I needed to shave (I have a full beard – so the neck and cheeks only need a shave every 2 or 3 days.), it was a joy. As a former dry shaver (OUCH) and then simply a soapy water shaver – to try their Shave Butter was the BEST. I’ll never go back. It literally feels like your lathering yourself with butter but the shave is the smoothest one I’ve had. Not to mention the blades they sent – their Executive razor and blades were fantastic. My kids loved caressing my face after I shaved. The Post Shave Dew was a new one for me. A nice little button at the end of the new routine.

This stuff really works. I’ll be signing up for the Dollar Shave Club products from now on – they’ve changed me. I get out of the shower every morning feel truly clean and smelling great. I’m sure everyone in my life is just as happy about it.

Jon’s Take

A few years back I found another shave club. I had a problem with ingrown hairs & razor burn, and they suggested a safety razor – one blade passing over your skin each time rather than 3, 4, or 5 means less irritation to the skin. They were right!

So I subscribed to the whole line, even the old timey badger hair brush and shaving soap. It became a thing, a manly routine. And my wife loved the lavender scent of the after shave balm – she never sniffed me that closely or that long before.

I already had a good thing going when the Dollar Shave box arrived. When I opened the box, the amalgamation of scents was quite a bit to take in. So I started with just the Wanderer lavender body bar. Dipping a toe in the water. We can fit lavender soap in, right? Definitely. Loved it. The scent stayed around for most of the life of the bar, too.

So then I tried the rest of the shower stuff: Sage & Black Pepper shampoo, conditioner, and the Mint & Cedarwood body cleanser with the lathering shower cloth. Sold. I didn’t know I needed softer skin until I had it. My wife even noticed (extra points).

I thought that mixing all these different scents would leave me smelling confused, but it dissipates after you dry off and you just smell, well, clean. There’s still room for a spray of cologne. “Give me a ping, Vasili. One ping only, please.”

The shaving part was the tougher sell for me. I’ll admit, I haven’t tried the executive razor blades. Right, it’s the whole idea of the company, but I’m not ready to go back to multi-blades just yet. Maybe Dollar is developing safety razor blades? I did try the shaving butter and it surprised me. It went on like a thick, clear gel that I thought was gonna tug at my 5 day shadow. But it didn’t. Smooth as can be. Only trouble was that it did clog my blade a bit, which meant more time spent rinsing between pulls.

Because it claims to prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps, I’m going to give it a few more tries. I liked Dollar’s Post Shave Dew even if the scent didn’t quite capture my wife’s attention like my previous club’s lavender aftershave lotion.

Dollar’s got some good stuff. The scent names all sound manly (jury’s still out on Hawaiian Ginger), but they smell great and go together well. Let’s face it, most of us guys need a hand when it comes to smelling nice, and these products make it easier and it’s rather affordable, soundly beating my previous club on prices. I’m going to sign up.

Tip: For those prone to shaving nicks, pick up a styptic pen – Walgreens has them for $2 ( It’s got anhydrous aluminium sulfate, which disables blood flow immediately.

NOTES: Mat was already a customer of Dollar Shave Club (and continues to be). He led his guidance to Jon and KP on their new regimes.

Again – Dollar Shave Club provided these products to us free-of-charge. We were allowed to state our own opinions as we saw fit.

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