Top 10 Tips: How a Modern Man Fights a Cold

I’m recently on the other side of the most recent head cold to sweep through my little family. Across the country, Jon is just starting to embark on his own family head cold.

Between tissue usage and trips to the juice aisle in the grocery store, I’ve been keeping note on what tips and tricks I’ve amassed over time to help me battle the cold and not let it win.

So, before the next cold knocks on my door, let me share what’s been allowing me to go all Rocky Balboa on it this time around.

Tip One: Hydrate

Mom always said this one, but it’s true.

Gatorade, Tea with Honey and Lemon, Juice, Water. Just keep hydrated. Jon says a trick is to put a little rye whiskey and ginger in the tea. I’ll have to try that next time.

Tip Two: SLEEP!

Mom said this one too. But it’s not so easy when we have kids. They don’t exactly decide to play quietly in the other room just because Dad has a cold.

So, when they nap – you nap. When they go to bed at 7pm – YOU GO TO BED AT 7PM! Get every extra second of rest you can get. Turn off your phone. Don’t flip on The West Wing on Netflix. Close your eyes and go to sleep.

Bonus Tip: Camp out on the couch. Let your partner have the bed and stay healthy. If this cold gets worse, you’ll need the backup.

Tip Three: Chicken Soup

Moms are always right. Especially mine (Love you Mom!). Chicken soup was always on the “have a cold” menu. However, this is where we get Modern Man on this one.

No Campbells Soup. Order Chinese food! The grease feels goods and get wonton soup. It has veggies, protein and the broth.

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