And Justice (League) For All – Debating Superhero Movies

With Justice League currently pushing the box office, and before Star Wars The Last Jedi takes center stage, KP and Steve were debating the ‘value’ of superhero movies.

Where do you stand?

S: I tried to watch Wonder Woman last week. I couldn’t have cared less.

Wonder Woman

K: Oh man. I loved it. Saw it in the theater and I never go to the movies anymore. I thought it was fun and funny and action packed.

S: I liked the first half hour or so and then I fell asleep. I hate the CGI and I couldn’t care about their backstories at all.

I think I just don’t like superhero movies. They feel like they are essentially the same movie over and over again.

K: Did you like the Superfriends cartoon as a kid?


S: Yeah, for the most part, but not with any kind of real devotion. I was committed to Star Wars, Transformers and GI Joe (the latter two had potential to be really good movies and just weren’t at all).

K: I loved Superfriends. Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman. All together. I love the not so dark versions of those characters.

I like The Flash on TV. I liked Michael Keaton and hated Christian Bale.

The Flash on CW

S: Even the “dark” versions feel like they are trying too hard. I don’t mind either, I guess, but I would never sit and watch Batman on purpose.

K: I’m looking forward to Justice League. Looks a lot more “fun” than dark.

S: Yeah, I can see that. I wish they just made good non-superhero adventure movies. Something like Indiana Jones or Die Hard.

Die Hard

K: They have a ton. But they don’t stick. There’s a reason those two came to your mind. They were very very good. Few and far between.

S: Yeah, perhaps. The impression I get is that most of the superhero movies actually aren’t very good. Every four years you get a new Batman or Spiderman and you have to go through all the permutations of the same story.

K: True. But it’s not anthology. It’s a character with many styles.

S: How do you mean?

K: It’s not a continuation of the same Batman. It’s a new telling.
Every new A Christmas Carol isn’t a sequel to the original. It’s a new interpretation. But your point is very valid why you don’t like it.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol

S: I don’t know. It feels like riffs on the exact same thing, the same way A Christmas Carol is.

K: Same base material.

S: I mean how many times can Peter Parker get bitten by the spider and have it be different? It’s a different actor and the particulars of the story changes slightly but it is the same thing.

It’s the mistake I hope Star Wars avoids.

K: I’m not a Spider-Man fan either. But I hear the newest one was fun. I don’t like the Marvel movies very much, I guess. I’ve always been a DC guy.

All the Spider-Men

S: I am someone who would like to go to the movies on occasion, and I don’t need to see serious things every time, but most of this stuff seems like it is for a 12 year old.

K: It can play to a least common denominator.

S: Yeah. It really does. There are “real” movies in the late fall early winter and the rest of the year is “other stuff”.

Fall Movies 2017

K: I rarely go to the theaters, but I like how DC is intertwining them all now. So I’ll try to get to the movies to see Justice League.

S: It at least gives them more places to go in a way.

K: And feels like piece of a bigger story.

S: Yeah. It’s not just everything coming out in drips and drabs.

K: Right.

S: I think I don’t generally like the way stories are told these days. It’s either the same thing over and over again or you have to watch 30-40 hours of something to get to the point. I think the Brits have it right. A season is 8 episodes. Get it done.

The Office on BBC

K: That makes sense. Also, you’re not a super hero guy. So, it makes sense these movies do nothing for you. You’re very particular. As a kid you focused hard on those three franchises you mentioned earlier. No time for He-Man or Thundercats. No time. Focused on your ‘big three’.

S: That’s right. I just didn’t perceive them as being as good. Voltron was in there too, ahead of He-Man and Thundercats.

Form Voltron!

K: There ya go. These are built on current comic fans and nostalgia Gen-Xers.

S: It feels like everything is geared towards bro-tastic teenagers. If you watch a movie from even a decade ago, you would have seen stories that were about grown adults dealing with the problems of being an adult. Forget movies from even further back which simply weren’t geared towards children at all.


So, needless to say, Steve won’t be in line for Justice League this Thanksgiving weekend. How about you? Where do you stand? Do you like superhero movies? Are you a DC or Marvel fan? Get in the debate and share your thoughts in the comments below – we’ll be sure to comment back!

-KP & Steve

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