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The home is filled with gadgets and “stuff” to make life easier, more enjoyable and fun.

Why simply charge your phone, when Grood can help you do it? Don’t feel sad you can’t bring your couch with you to the beach, Chillax will help you out!

Here are 8 items that the Modern Man would certainly love to have at hand around the home.

ThinkGeek’s Groot USB Car Charger

For any Guardians of the Galaxy fan this is a must have. Everyone needs a USB car charger these days, might as well make it one with two charging ports and dances. No one can argue with the fact that Baby Groot is adorable, so why not add him to your daily life.

This potting plant sits nicely in your cup holder and can charge any USB device as quickly as the rest. What makes it better than the rest? When you play music it dances!! Caution: don’t watch the dancing while your car is in motion.

You can order your own Groot directly from ThinkGeek’s website. Let them know you heard about it here on Mind of the Modern Man. They sent us Groot for free, but we are allowed to state our own opinions.

Rite in the Rain

Don’t you hate needing to write something down, outside, and it’s misty or raining or snowing? The paper gets wet and useless and the pen won’t write on it anymore.

Since 1916, Rite in the Rain has been helping with this issue.

For our money, this 4 3/4″ x 7 1/2″ hard bound book is the way to go. It is discretely sophisticated with its black Fabrikoid Cover and subdued light gray tinted paper. Everything from the cover, the paper, the sewn-in pages, even the glue is designed to survive Mother Nature’s wrath.

You can buy it from their website and get writing in the rain!

Chillax Lounge

Our friends at Chillax sent us their air lounges to try out this summer. They have been GREAT! In the back yard, on the deck – especially at the beach. Pair it with their HUGE Beach Blanket (KP talked about it HERE), inflatable pillow or portable sun umbrella or SunShelter too!

Once you get the gang of inflating it (the beach breezes help a lot), this thing is comfy! They sell them in a variety of colors and patterns. The kids love them as much as the guys do. They even have pockets on the side for your phone or magazine.

Check out ALL their products and pick up the lounge for $49.90 on their webpage.

Totokan Portable Baby Monitor

Baby monitors, especially video ones, are more and more sophisticated these days. However, most of the time we must bring all the cables and hook it up to networks and all that fun stuff.

Totokan changes that with their portable video monitor. 4 hours of battery life. Direct connect from your phone to the unit within 60 yards without Wifi. One of the best parts – it’s water resistant making it usable at the beach or pool too.

You can purchase a unit directly from their website for $209.00

Tesalate Beach Towel

Take the towel and leave the sand on the beach! KP tried out this sand-free towel from our friends at Tesalate and shared his thoughts HERE.

They look good. They work awesome. Best part – you don’t have to vacuum your car out after the day at the beach! These things really work – the sand stays where it belongs. (Aside from the inevitable sand stuck in your swimsuit… argh.)

You can buy directly from this amazing Australian company on their website for $59.00 USD.

Darth Vader Phone Case

It’s a case that makes your phone look like Darth Vader’s chest plates. Do we really need to explain more as to why you’d want this? If so, we find your lack of faith disturbing.

You can purchase it on TeeChipPro’s website and rule the galaxy as Father and Phone.

Philips Hue White Smart Bulb Starter Kit

What Modern Man doesn’t like gadgets? Here’s a relatively inexpensive smart control lightbulb that gives any man command over the ambience in his home from his smartphone or smart home device. Another excuse to say to his friends, “here, watch this.”

Automate your lighting experience with Philips Hue and control your lights from home or away. Create light schedules from the Philips Hue App and never come home to a dark house. They install just like normal bulbs!

You can order yours on Amazon and start being a big shot right away!

RokBlok Record Player

Take old school vinyl and play it in a Modern Man way – wirelessly! It has a built in speaker, rechargeable battery and it’s completely wireless.

It’s also SMALL! You don’t need to lug around your grandfather’s victrola. It plays 33 1/3 and 45 RPM!

You can order directly from RokBlok’s website and be listening to music the way it was supposed to be played!

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