Mind of the Modern Man 2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Style & Grooming


The Modern Man likes to look good – and feel good too!

In our 40s, it’s not as easy as it used to be. Here are 8 presents that will keep your Modern Man looking and feeling good too.

Mad Viking Beard Co.’s Beard Balm

Beards used to be thought of what a man grew because he was too lazy to shave every day. Now having a beard is “in” in a BIG way.

Lazy would never be a way to describe how the Modern Man deals with is beard. We have special brushes, trimmers, and thanks to our friends at Mad Viking Beard – some amazing cleaning and health products for the beard.

They sent us some samples and our beards have never been happier! Whether your beard is nice a tight or if you’re doing the lumberjack chest length monster – Mad Viking products will keep you looking good!

We especially loved their beard balm. It smells amazing and doesn’t leave the beard looking greasy! One thing to keep in mind, they do use some nut oils in some of their balms, so if you have nut allergies in your home, please read the labels before ordering.

You can get yours at their website and tell them the Modern Men sent you!

Bombas Socks

The days of buying a guy a 20 back of white tube socks are over. We all know taking care of your feet is very important, especially as we get older. Bomba not only takes care of our feet, we look GOOD doing it!

They use an amazing lightweight cotton, have extra stitching in the heel, a cushion for the Achilles, invisitoe, arch support and something they refer to as their ‘stay-up technology’.

We’re digging the houndstooth dress socks right now. Get yours at their website.

Oars + Alps Active Armor Deodorant

Oars + Alps is an amazing little company. They have skin care and other grooming products especially for the Modern Man.

Our friends at Oars + Alps sent us a sample back of their goodies. We loved their face wash and their face and eye cream is amazing! The biggest stand-out was their active armor deodorant. This is NOT your father’s deodorant!

It smells amazing, masking your own odor, and get this – it actually nourishes your skin at the same time – no more dried out skin. Can’t beat that.

You can make a one-time purchase on their website or subscribe and save even more. Tell them the Modern Men sent you.

PURGGO Natural Bamboo Charcoal Odor Eliminator

Feet stink. Nothing new there. But the Modern Man doesn’t take that laying down. Our families don’t deserve that.

So, the people at PURGGO, who are known for car air freshners, also sell bamboo odor eliminators. No spray. No powder.

You can get them on Amazon and the family will thank you.

Dollar Shave Club Shave Butter

Ever since the Dollar Shave Club sent us a box of all their amazing bath products, all of us have been hooked. Their shampoo, conditioner, razors, post-shave cream, bamboo cloth and more – wow. We fell in love with showering again! Read our thoughts in our full review HERE.

The champion for many of us, was their Easy Shave Butter. It makes shaving so much more enjoyable. The skin is softer and not a razor bump to be seen. It blends into your skin, unlike most gels and creams, so you can still see your beard line – keeping everything where it’s supposed to be.

Dollar Shave Club is an amazing subscription service, but you can pick up the Shave Butter on their webpage, and then thank us for changing how you shave! This should be in every Modern Man’s Christmas stocking.

XBand Laces

We may not be lazy about shaving or caring about our beards anymore, but we still kick off our shoes while they’re still tied. THEN, we try to put them back on while still tied too. Lazy. This ends up stretching the shoes, the laces and then eventually we have to tie them again anyway.

The people at Xpand have solved our dilemma. Say bye bye to laces.

Install some Xpand laces on your shoes and their zero memory elastic lets you pre-adjust the tension to perfectly conform to your feet, so your focus can stay laser-like on making the goal, slamming the dunk and scoring the winning points. Oh, and their laces are compatible with just about any brand including New Balance, Nike, Converse, Vans, and more!

They have an amazing array of colors – neon to white and everything in between. We’re eying some neutral gray bands on their website, where you can order them directly.

Original Blends Styling Gel

Our friends at Original Blends sent us all some of their styling gel and this stuff is AMAZING! From a simple “just want to keep it in place” style to a more ‘product’ look – this gets it done.

Their gel is made with the ‘good stuff’ including flaxseed and soy protein. A little dab will do you – it’s strong, smells good and this stuff really works.

Check out their Pump Style container. 17.25 fl oz of the gel – perfect for everyone in the family! You can order directly from their website, and of course tell them you read about them here on Modern Man!

Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Beanie Hat Cap

Mom always made us bring our hats when it was cold out. “You lose the most heat through your head.” She’s right, of course.

But why not make staying warm a little more fun? The people at Capolus have installed bluetooth music speakers into this good looking beanie hat!

Six hours of talk/music time in the rechargeable battery makes it perfect for even skiing. Pair the hat with your phone and you’re good to go.

You can order one from Amazon.

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