Mind of the Modern Man 2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Just For Fun


As we get older, gift giving seems to be more about what we ‘need’ more than what we ‘want’. While it’s amazing to get some new tools or grooming products or some new socks – we’re still all kids at the holidays – aren’t we?

Sometimes we want to just get something fun! Here are 8 gifts for the boy in all us Modern Men!

Total FX Rogue Lightsabers
$39.95 (as of this post)

You can fight with these. Seriously. Watch the video here!

There aren’t the toys that will break. They aren’t the decoration lightsabers you worry will shatter if you touch them. These are meant to strike each other. FINALLY!

You can order them from their website. Which color will you choose?

Baseball Stadium Blueprints

We may not have posters of Dave Winfield or Don Mattingly on our walls anymore, but for the Modern Man who still wants a touch of baseball in his decorating – go big and bold!

These framed blueprints of baseball stadiums from Uncommongoods.com are stunning! They are 26” wide x 20” H in the frame and will really catch the eye on the wall of your den or office.

We can’t decide between the 1923 Yankee Stadium or the 2009 Yankee Stadium one. Don’t worry – you can get Wrigley, Fenway and the others on their website too!

Pley Monthly Subscription

Remember how Netflix used to be the DVD that would come to your house? We’d have a whole queue set up and as we mailed one back, the next would get delivered. Great plan – right?

Now, imagine that – but with Lego sets! That’s where Pley comes in. It’s a subscription service that can keep you and the kids Lego building days filled! They have lots of variety of toys to choose from, too.

I think we’re going to sign up on their website and start with the Lego Star Wars Tie Fighter!

Postmodern Jukebox on Vinyl

There’s a meme going around saying something akin to “when I sing along with modern radio, it’s only because I know the Postmodern Jukebox version”. There’s a lot of truth to that.

Scott Bradley and his merry band of amazing musicians, vocalists and artists have turned a YouTube sensation into listening glory. They have hundreds of covers – and do so in styles like Jazz, Big Band, Bluegrass, Dixieland and so many more.

If you’re going to go ‘old school’ with modern music, it makes sense to listen to it old school – on vinyl. Their Essentials album includes covers of We Can’t Stop, Creep, All About That Bass, Stacy’s Mom, Sweet Child O’ Min and so many others.

Head over to PMJ’s website and order their album of essentials now.

LittleBits Droid Inventor Kit

We get to build our own R2-D2. Seriously. This is a thing!

This is like Lego on Redbull. You build it, then PROGRAM it and use an app to make it do things!

Then, you can take it apart, customize it some more and start again.

Get yours from Littlebits’ webpage, and tell people it’s for the kids. Yeah, right.

Cooler Canon

This thing isn’t even for sale yet, but we need it to happen!

It’s a cooler that you pre-load with your favorite cans of the good stuff, and when you’re ready ZOOM it launches one to you.

Backyard BBQs, Reunions, Tailgating – every party needs this.

You can preorder yours now on the Cooler Canon webpage.

ThinkGeek’s Feisty Pets Christmas Bear

What’s better than messing with people on the holidays? Here’s a cute way to do it!

Our friends at ThinkGeek have a line of stuffed toys they call Feisty Pets. They are HILARIOUS! The big eyes. The cute expressions. For Christmas – the hear even has an adorable scarf and Santa hat.

ThinkGeek sent us one to try and Mat loved it. This lovable little bear would make the perfect stocking stuffer. On the surface Christmas bear seems to be an adorable soft fuzzy stuff animal, but underneath that cuddly exterior lays the face of darkness. With one little squeeze of its head Christmas bear turns from happy faced to EVIL! You will have tons of fun luring your, friends, family and even pets into falling in love with this bear only to get sucker punched with its quick turn to EVIL! Easy to operate and so much fun.

You can order yours on ThinkGeek’s website. If you don’t want the Christmas Bear – check out all the others they have there – including some “mini” versions, too. Tell them the Modern Men sent ya. (They sent us the bear, but allowed us to give our own opinions!)

West Wing Weekly The Signal T-Shirt

[repeats it again] It means something good has happened. [does the signal going down instead of up] This means something bad has happened. [does the signal going up]. This means something good has happened.

If you’re a fan of The West Wing – you need to be listening to The West Wing Weekly podcast. Hosts Joshua Malina and Hrishikesh Hirway are amazing fans of the show and perfect hosts as they discuss each and every episode of one of the greatest shows in television history.

To celebrate the show, the podcast has a bunch of fun “in joke” merchandise. One of our favorite items is the t-shirt with “The Signal” on it. If you see a fellow West Wing fan on the streets, this is our new hello!

You can order your shirt online and help support the show. Then ask yourself – “What’s Next?”.

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