Mind of the Modern Man 2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Disney Dad’s Dozen Disney Gifts


Robby took control of the Gift Guide for today, for all those Modern Man Disney Fans on your list.

Happy Holidays Everyone! Its that wonderful time of year where we get to spend time with family and to remember what is important in our lives. Dad’s love Christmas! I love decorating the house inside and out. I love picking out presents for my kids, putting them together and the yearly challenge of trying to find great gifts for my wife. But… what about the guys in your life? Do they love Disney? Then I have a list for you! Here is a Disney Dad’s Dozen gifts for your favorite Disney guy.

Hangar Bar T Shirt

Every Disney Dad is a big fan of Indiana Jones. This T-Shirt by Twenty Eight and Main is from Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar in Disney Springs. Jock Lindsey is a close and personal pal of Indiana Jones. He is the pilot in the Yankees cap who flies Indiana to his escape in the iconic first sequence of the Temple of Doom.

I love the color and the great logo. This is a terrific bar in Disney Springs that is themed with Indy Props and features themed cocktails and spirits. Most Disney Dad’s have a few Mickey themed shirts that they wear “in park only”. I like this shirt because I wear it all the time at home and only a handful of people pick up on the name. It is made of super soft cotton and is made by Twenty Eight and Main which is a Disney Brand especially designed for Men. It is inspired by the period of Main Street USA and their motto is “fine quality goods for the discerning gentleman”. Most of my Disney Dad wear is from Twenty Eight and Main.

You can buy yours here.

Millenium Falcon Cufflinks

These cufflinks made from sterling silver can complete the Kessel Run is less than 12 parsecs. Technically this is a Star Wars gift but I saw these in the park this summer and it is sold on the Disney website. For my job I have to dress up formally at least 3 times a year.

I have some cufflinks but not cufflinks anywhere near as cool as these. Subtle and functional enough to look good with a tux and nerdy enough for a scoundrel like me. The back button also has the Alliance Starbird on it, which to me, makes it infinitely cooler. There are other Star Wars cufflinks available on the Disney shopping website but this is my favorite. Not sure anyone in my family would shell out $250 for cufflinks, but its a Christmas wish list right?

Order your own on shopdisney.com.

Disney Monorail Playset

This is one of my favorite Disney gifts I ever received. My wife bought it for me back when they were only available in the parks. We use our monorail around our christmas tree instead of a train. It has become part of our christmas tradition. The battery operated playset comes with 14 feet of track, working headlights and of course with authentic monorail sound effects: “Please Stand Clear of the Doors”.

There are other accessories available like extra track and different cars (Disneyland Monorail Cars are orange). They also currently sell Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Contemporary Resort Playsets. They have retired the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian playsets.

I am currently scouring Ebay awaiting my chance to complete my collection. Start yours by buying this one now!

Twenty Eight & Main Jungle Cruise Socks

Novelty socks are cool. Well, I think they are cool. Colorful socks are a great way to secretly display your inner Disney Nerd. One of my all time favorite attractions is the iconic Jungle Cruise. This boat ride into the jungles of the world take you through some classic Disney animatronics while your Jungle Cruise skipper tells rapid fire corny jokes.

I never get tired of this attraction or the bad jokes. These cotton/poly blend socks are really comfortable and even have the Twenty Eighth & Main logo embroidered on the cuff.

They also offer other socks in the collection including : Dole Whip, Mickey Ears, Tomorrowland and the Yeti! Pick a pair and order some here.

Disney Park Plaques
$89.00 each

We all dream of taking home a piece of Walt Disney World home from our vacations. This is an impressive souvenir from the folks at Disney Avenue. They are heavy metal plaques that are near exact replicas of the one of the parks. They are painted and aged for authenticity.

There are 16 different plaques to choose from. My favorites include the original Disneyland; To All that come to this happy place: Welcome plaque, The Servant Quarters sign from The Haunted Mansion and the Hollywood Tower of Terror Logo. There is a sign for every Disney fan.

I have always wished I could live on Main Street USA. These plaques are a great way to bring the magic home and you can buy yours on disneyavenue.com.

Disney Attraction Poster

When you enter the Magic Kingdom and go under the train station to enter park there are wall hangings that most people don’t notice because they are in such a rush to get onto Main Street USA. On the walls of both the left and right side entrances are Attraction posters. These posters, not unlike a movie poster, serve as a coming attraction of what the guests will experience during their visit.

The folks at Disney Avenue have created high quality reproductions of these Attraction Posters. The level of detail is incredible. They include current and extinct Disney attractions and shows.

I love the Epcot Opening Day poster from October 1982. The classic Mr Toads Wild Ride poster reminds us of what once was. There is even a poster of the Hot Dog Restaurant Casey’s Corner which is a favorite of any baseball fan. The posters when framed would be suitable in any game or media room and even a child’s bedroom. I have one hanging in my office at work.

A free bonus!
The Disney Avenue Webpage loads up hours of free holiday Disney Music from the parks. Click on over there and imagine you are spending the holidays in “the world”. All on the DisneyAvenue website.

Mickey Mouse Leather IPhone Case

I will admit I own more than one Disney IPhone case. I like to change them according to my mood. But the Mickey Mouse Leather case is one I regularly use when I am at home away from the parks. It is made of a quality leather that wears nicely with age. Its subtle enough not be too gareish for regular use and still have a touch of fun. The leather just feels nice in your hand.

I like that it is the classic Mickey from the 1940’s and its very thin and fits the Iphone very snugly. When traveling around the parks a clunky phone case just won’t do. The edges extend just a little above the front face for a little more protection. If you are looking for a drop proof case this isn’t it. This is a slim-line fashion case. There is also a version available for Samsung devices.

Get yours on ShopDisney.

Beyle Backpack

Every Disney Dad needs a backpack. Fortunately, for me, I don’t need one for the parks anymore because my days of lugging diapers and wipes from park to park are now over. When I did carry one it was a Beyle. Beyle backpacks serve all the functions you need to carry all of your gear and a few extras. This bag will hold your laptop or your baby bottles.

It is water resistant (think Splash Mountain) and has an exterior USB charger port so you change your phone on the go. It has security feature that won’t allow someone in a crowded place like the Magic Kingdom to steal your valuables. It is a super comfortable backpack and it allows air to circulate which is important in the Orlando heat. I also happen to think the $25.99 price is hard to beat.

You can find it on Amazon. Carry on Disney Dad!

Jackery Portable Travel Charger

I have owned a Jackery for about four years now. It is a great product and I will not travel without it. This USB travel charger will charge your phone from 0-100% three times. It is also “fast charger” and will get your phone charged quickly so you can share photos from your vacation or post endlessly from the parks on Facebook.

It also has a built in LED flashlight which comes in handy at the Disney Vacation Club Villas when you need something at night and don’t want to wake the entire family. This charger fits beautifully in the Beyle Backpack and they will work together seamlessly.

I happen to like the orange color because it’s hard to lose. This is a must buy for any traveler! Buy one on Amazon and you won’t regret it.

Disney Magic Band

Having a magic band in the Disney Parks now is a must. Disney will give you a free one when you book a Walt Disney Vacation. However, the only thing you can customize is your choice of color: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink or Purple. The real Dis- Nerds own many magic bands. To us it’s like picking out what t shirt to wear to each park. I have six magic bands.

My current personal favorite the the limited edition Magic Kingdom 45 year Anniversary Band pictured above. They only make 2500 of the limited run bands so I feel special when I wear it. It also makes special sounds and noises when I swipe by magic band on Magic Kingdom Attractions. There is a magic band for every taste, character, movie and attraction. Disney also will make you a custom magic band. You can choose the color, character and even put your name on it. My son currently has a Star Wars First Order Magic Band in Red with his name in Aurebesh on the side. Pretty cool huh? Get your’s now.

Haunted Mansion Silk Tie

Again like the Jock Hangar Bar T Shirt this is a tie that only true disney fans will notice when you wear it. The pattern is the wallpaper from the Haunted Mansion Attraction. It is made of 100% silk and is a quality tie. I wear it some days just to feel a little magic.

The colors are vibrant and it looks great with my classic black suit. I often get compliments on it from people who have no idea what it is from. Ha! My little secret.

Buy your own on YourWDWStore.com.

New Balance Run-Disney 2017 Space Mountain Limited Edition Running Shoe

Anyone who knows me, knows that along with my Disney obsession I have a sneaker obsession. I am a proud sneakerhead. I own about 50 pairs of sneakers. So what better way to combine my two passions than a pair of New Balance Vazzee Pace 2 Limited Edition Space Mountain Glow in the Dark running shoes. Did I mention that they GLOW IN THE DARK????
These running shoes were originally only available to runners who were registered for the Disney marathon. These limited edition shoes of course have made their way to ebay.

They offered shoes themed after Toy Story Mania, The Mad Tea Party, The Haunted Mansion and the above mentioned Space Mountain. These shoes sold out incredibly quickly and it looks like they will be a part of the Run-Disney event from now on. I am primarily a Nike shoe fan but I love the New Balance Vazee Pace.

They have a nice wide toe box and great arch support. They are also very durable and the dark colors on these themed shoes hide dirt and scuffs and make a case for paying the exorbitant price tag.

You can find some on ebay!

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