GIVEAWAY! Win ThinkGeek’s Kitten Plush Bouquet

Win Your Kitten Bouquet!

We just reviewed ThinkGeek’s exclusive Plush Bouquets and here is your chance to win one!

Our friends over at ThinkGeek have made one of their adorable Kitten Plush Bouquets available for one of our lucky readers!

How do you enter? SIMPLE! Let us know who your favorite famous cat is! Are you a Garfield fan? How about Tom? Anyone for Heathcliff? Or … Battlecat!?

Who doesn’t love Battle Cat?

Where can you enter?

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! Comment or Re-Tweet our posts about this contest. Be sure to TAG US @MindofModernMan and @ThinkGeek! Use Hashtag #ModernManGiveaway.

You can also comment on this post below, or on our review post!

You can enter once on each post, and on each Social Media platform – that’s a lot of chances to enter!

We’ll put all the entries into a pool and a winner will be selected at random. Then, ThinkGeek will send the winner their bouquet.

Easy right?

CONTEST ENDS SUNDAY FEBRUARY 4TH. That will allow ThinkGeek to get you the bouquet in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you want to order your own (or any of their other styles) – you can do that on ThinkGeek’s website.

Sorry – only open to U.S. Residents

May the odds be forever in your favor!

-The Modern Men

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