Modern Man Review – Valentines Prep – ThinkGeek Plush Bouquets

Part of our Series to Get Ready for Valentine’s Day!

Ok gents, Valentine’s Day is only a couple weeks away. Waiting till the last minute and showing up at home with flowers and a card from the mini mart at the gas station doesn’t float it anymore.

The Modern Man thinks ahead! Now, that doesn’t mean we have to be all kinds of serious and Hallmark – the Modern Man also likes to have fun!

That’s where our friends at ThinkGeek come in this Valentine’s! Forget the bouquet of flowers. Forget the stuffed animals … do BOTH!

ThinkGeek has a series of exclusive Plush Bouquets. Kittens, puppies, planets, and so much more. They sent over a Kittens Bouquet for us to check out (they sent it free, but we’re allowed to give our honest opinions!).

Seriously – how cute are these kittens?

These things are adorable. There are a nine plush kittens – three orange tabbies, three grey tabbies, and three black and white kittens in the set. Each kitten is about 4.5 inches tall and is attached (loosely) to a long wooden dowel (stem) – thus making it look like a bouquet.

They come in a big box, perfect if you wanted to wrap the whole thing. Or, take them out of the box and deliver them the same way you would a bouquet of flowers.

You can never have enough kittens!

The nice thing about these plush friends – they won’t wilt and die and be really sad looking a week after Valentines. You can easily remove them from the stems and keep all the little fuzzy buddies and love them as long as you want.

These are perfect for a significant other, spouse and the kids will really love them.

Married to a Librarian? They have a Book Bouquet.

Book Bouquet

How about someone into the Solar System? Try out the planetary bouquet.

Planetary Bouquet

Of course, I couldn’t do this review without mentioning they also have a STAR WARS BOUQUET! Yoda, BB8, Chewbacca, Porg, Wicket, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Darth Vader. This will really show the Star Wars fan in your life that you love them. (They’ll reply: “I know”.)

The love is strong with this Star Wars one.

The prices are quite reasonable too. The kittens bouquet is currently on sale for $39.99. They go up from there with the Star Wars one coming in at $79.99. Order yours today and you’ll be sure to get it by Valentine’s Day. Be sure you tell them you read about it on Mind of the Modern Man!

You can get them directly on ThinkGeek’s website.

OR…. WIN ONE! That’s right. ThinkGeek has offered to give a FREE Kittens Bouquet to one of our lucky readers. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!


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3 thoughts on “Modern Man Review – Valentines Prep – ThinkGeek Plush Bouquets

  1. I have considered buying one of these before, but I don’t like that each stuffed animal isn’t different. In the Kitty one, there are only three different designs. I don’t need three orange cats! I want 9 different ones! For the books, why would you want three copies of each book? They should do nine different books! The Star Wars one is good because it doesn’t have any duplicates, but it is too expensive 😦


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