What Did I Learn This Week? – #2 – February 4, 2018

“You learn something new every day.”

Time for this week’s installment of things that I learned. Let’s get to sharing!

The WWE Women’s Royal Rumble was outstanding!

The Boss meets Trish Stratus

Last week, Steve and I talked about the guilty pleasure of watching professional wrestling. We were getting excited for the upcoming PPV – The Royal Rumble.

This year was the first that the uber-talented women’s division would have their own over-the-top-rope battle royal – and it was great!

The new crop of amazing female athletes showcased why they are just as good, if not better than the talent in the men’s locker room.

My favorite part was watching WWE pay tribute to the superstars in recent years that helped us get to where we are. Names like; Lita, Molly Holly, Kelly Kelly, Miss Jacqueline, Michelle McCool and the queen of them all – Trish Stratus. They all looked so pumped for the show and it was awesome!!

Baseball People are out now!

Let the research begin!

What are “baseball people”? That’s what my merry band of Fantasy Baseball friends call the magazines and websites that share info, projected stats, auction values and more.

When you see the magazines at the store, it means that the rotisserie auction isn’t far away and that baseball season is right behind.

A cool new site (to us) to help with draft prep is: fangraphs.com – you can customize auction values based on your specific league set up.

It’s fun to research this stuff. In a podcast, last year, Mat and I chatted about our love for fantasy baseball. Now it gets to start a new all over again!

Lay’s Poppables Chips are a terrific snack.


Had some at work this week, for the first time. Light and crunchy. Taste great.

Do you need more in a snack at work?

Whales fart.

Thankfully – no one can light a match underwater.

Who knew? Or I guess you could say – who ever cared enough to ponder it?

I was reading one of those 20 Unusual Facts sites that pop up on Facebook from time to time. That’s the fact that stuck out to me.

The story says the bubble could encircle a full-grown horse. WOW!

Hey, the more you know…

Cannoli Dip exists and it’s amazing!

Saw it at the store and decided to not “take the cannoli”.

I was at the grocery last week and snapped a photo of, what I thought, looked like the perfect dessert – cannoli dip with wafer chips.

I didn’t buy it because it wasn’t on the list – you don’t’ stray from the list at the grocery store – that’s how you end up with a houseful of crap.

But, I did share it on my social networks to much love.

This weekend we celebrated my birthday a little early and the dessert waiting for me was HOMEMADE cannoli dip! We used waffle cone pieces to dip. WOW!! SO GOOD!

This cannoli dip was a thing of beauty!

That’s it for this week. What about you guys? What did you learn this week? Let’s share!


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