March Madness – Disney & Pixar Brackets

A few days ago, we posted some fun Pixar vs Disney animated movie brackets – done March Madness style – on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Now, we can’t take credit for the creation of these brackets. My 20 year old niece sent it to me. We have a history of going to see Pixar movies together. I wish I could credit the creator – so, if anyone is out there and knows – let me know and I’ll edit this story!

Anyway – this photo became one of our most ‘viral’ posts. People were sharing it. People were commenting with their final four and winners. And we understand why – it’s a LOT of fun!

This kind of bracket isn’t to find a winner, per say, but it’s to figure out your own personal favorite. I even printed it out and shared it around my office. It led to a lot of fun discussions.

Click this little photo below to get the full size to download!

So, while I know I’ve been away for a while from Modern Man – I’m back! And what better way to get back in the groove than to talk Disney Movies!

I’m going to pull apart my bracket and highlight some easy choices as well as some really REALLY difficult decisions.

The Disney side has movies from recent history – they don’t go back to the oldies but goodies such as Snow White, Fantasia or even Robin Hood. These movies all came out since Ariel took to the seas in 1989. The Pixar side is pretty much all the full length movies they’ve made.

Let’s start with the Upper Left bracket – the Disney side.

The #1 Seed is The Lion King. The story of Hamlet. The greatest story ever told – done with singing lions and meerkats. AMAZING music including one of the best opening numbers in any Disney movie with Circle of Life. It takes on Tarzan – which I love and has some fantastic songs from Phil Collins. However, the King takes it.

Tarzan couldn’t swing a victory.

Lilo beats the Frog and Tangled wraps up Big Hero Six. I’ll admit I haven’t seen Tangled yet – but I’ve seen enough of the musical numbers on YouTube to know it’s worth a victory here.

Then the seeding that hurt many – the powerhouse Frozen takes on the feisty newcomer – Moana. Yes, I liked Frozen (and I’m STILL not sick of Let It Go). I was happy it brought back the world of the musical movie to Disney – in a big way. However, the music, message and humor of Moana makes it move on for me.

Maybe if Frozen used Ice Ice Baby?

Moving on to the Lower Left corner, let’s take a look.

The first match is a KILLER for me! Aladdin holds a huge place in my heart. It came out while I was in High School and my theater friends (including Modern Man’s own Jon) knew every single song – every harmony – every scene. BUT – when I think about my ‘favorites’ I think about a movie that makes me happy and will stop my remote control if I happen upon it. Hercules does that. It is among one of my favorite soundtracks of all the Disney movies. The humor is fantastic and I’ve always loved mythology. Sorry Genie (maybe my favorite Disney character) – but Herc moves on.

Sorry Al – I feel bad.

Pocahontas doesn’t stand a chance against The Little Mermaid. The Under the Sea number alone can beat anything in Pocahontas.

Come on, you can hear it in your head now, can’t you?

I’m going with the new comer Zootopia over Mulan. Sure, Let’s Get Down to Business is one of the best songs in Disney lore, but the story of “you can do anything” and that catchy Shakira number helps Zootopia move on for me.

I really enjoy Nightmare Before Christmas, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the power of Beauty and the Beast!

Fantastic movie – but doesn’t move on for me.

Over to the right side and the Upper Right – let’s talk Pixar.

Up made me (and everyone else) cry with the opening scene – without sharing a word. Right up there with Lion King for best opening scene. Brave is a fun romp – and another amazingly powerful female lead. But Up floats on by.

I’m not crying – you are.

Now – how the HELL do you put Toy Story up against Toy Story 2 in the first round? It’s like choosing between your kids! I really stressed over this one. But Al’s Toy Barn doesn’t make it when you look at the original. #1 goes on.

Coco is brand new – I’ve seen about half of this movie. It left not much of an impression – so the spy caper of Cars 2 moves on.

Didn’t love this movie, but Coco doesn’t have a place yet.

Toy Story 3 has NO problem with The Good Dinosaur.

Now, the last bracket – the Bottom Right Corner.

A Bug’s Life has the same storyline of The Three Amigos – sorry Rat Chef – the bugs hop on through.

Galaxy Quest – same thing.

Finding Nemo is a masterpiece. Even the “all the feelings” fun of Inside Out can’t beat the fish.

Don’t be sad – it’s still a great movie.

Monster’s Inc. is a buddy comedy – about monsters who learn to laugh. I’m sold. Sorry Lightning McQueen – not fast enough.

I like to think John Goodman and Billy Crystal hang out in real life, too.

Many consider Wall-E a genius film with so much heart and soul. I agree – it’s a monument of movie making. But do I stop and watch it when it’s on? Nope, once was enough for me. The fun of Disney’s superhero family, The Incredibles, moves on.

It’s a toss up between Wall E and Castaway for longest time without speaking…

Well, I’m down to the Sweet 16 – who moves on to the Elite 8?

The Lion roars on over Lilo. Moana sails over Tangled. The underdog, Hercules, battles on past the merfolk. And Belle says Bon Jour to the Elite Eight moving past Zootopia.

Belle’s wishing to move on further!

Toy Story pops Up’s balloon. Toy Story 3 joins the original in the Elite Eight by vanquishing Cars 2. Nemo squashes the Bugs and the Monsters are stronger than The Incredibles.

Just keep swimming… (and where is Finding Dory on this list?)

Here we go – getting serious now – winners go to The Final Four!

Lion King vs Moana. Hakuna Matata vs You’re Welcome. Be Prepared vs Shiny. Can’t Wait to Be King vs We Know the Way. What does it come down to for me? Can You Feel the Love Tonight bores me. Moana doesn’t bore me at any point. Moana keeps sailing.

Don’t cry – you had a good run!

Hercules vs Beauty and the Beast. Phil vs Lumiere. Mythology vs Fairy Tale. Hades vs Gaston. The Muses vs the French Townspeople …. the muses kick more ass than Hercules does. Hercules moves on – can it go the distance?

It’s a real Zero to Hero story.

Here we go again – pitting Toy Story vs Toy Story. While the scene in the furnace of Toy Story 3 may be one of the most emotional in Pixar history – the original still holds too much of my heart. The origin story of Woody and Buzz’s friendship keeps it moving on.

Seriously, I’m not crying… YOU ARE!


Moana vs Hercules. Wow. This one is tough. They may be the first 2 CDs I’d go to, to put in the car for a family road trip. The 60s Mowtown girl group feel of Hercules is just so fun. But, the lyrics and message from Lin Manuel Miranda’s work on Moana is inspiring and catchy as all hell. I think The Rock tips the scales here and the underdog story is through – get your fish hook shined up Maui – you’re moving on as the Disney-side champ.

You’re in the championship match! You’re welcome!

Toy Story vs Finding Nemo. Ooof. How do you choose? They were both mindblowing to watch. Emotional, great music, humor – even action/adventure scenes. The voice casts are second to none! Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles, John Ratzenberger! Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Willem Dafoe, John Ratzenberger! Andy’s love for his beloved toys spoke to me in a way that, even as an adult, I felt bad about tossing around the kids’ dolls. It made an impact. Nemo is amazing – but Toy Story is embedded in my soul and the champion of the Pixar side.


If I mention something is embedded in my soul, can I really not have it win the final match? No, no I can’t. Toy Story is my favorite Disney/Pixar movie.

Love this movie, to Infinity and Beyond!

Now, what about you guys? Where does your loyalty lie? I know everyone has a different hook in the world of movies.

Take Modern Man’s Mat as an example. He said this: “Wall.E vs Lion King for me with Wall.E taking the title. Some hard choices for sure.” Yeah, I didn’t have Wall.E getting out of the first round, and he had it winning the whole thing. Just goes to show – movies speak differently to everyone.

Share your Final 4 and your winners in the comments below. Of course, you can share this story and get your friends to do so too!

Happy March Madness. Remember – You’ve Got A Friend in Me! (Had to – #DadJoke)


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