I Cheated And It Felt Great!

On my diet – I cheated on my diet! Calm down! Sheesh!

It’s been 3 weeks since the annual trip to the doctor I told you all about in my last post. The dreaded “you need to lose weight” conversation.

I’ve been so good. I’ve pretty much cut all sweets and carbs out of my diet. And it has not been easy.

Let’s go back to just after Valetine’s Day and the start of Lent. For Lent, we gave up desserts, or as we call them – sweet treats. That was rough, but a fun personal challenge.

I found a great blog post on iquitsugar.com about how to give up sugar for lent. 40 tips! It’s an impressive piece.

#12 Be thankful you didn’t quit wine, carbs or chocolate for Lent. Sugar’s easy by comparison!

I actually felt pretty good giving up the sweets. My head was clearer, that’s for sure. IFLScience.com has a great piece about what giving up sugar does to your brain. Especially what makes it SO easy to cheat or stop the diet all together.

There are accounts of those in “sugar withdrawal” describing food cravings, which can trigger relapse and impulsive eating.

While not enjoying the sweetness of life, I tortured myself by following the amazing people at Deviant Donuts – which I posted on Instagram a few months ago. They “pop up” in a little shop in Mystic, CT on the weekends, and fill social media with shots of the amazing flavors they have each week. Apple pie. Apple fritter. Baileys. Peanut Butter Cup and the coup de gras – Samoa! Oh MAN do I love Samoa Girl Scout cookies – the chocolate, the caramel, the toasted coconut. But Deviant does it in a brioche doughnut. OH MAN!

This place is AMAZING!!

We decided that the Deviant Samoa would be our Easter treat at the end of Lent. THEN, I went to the doctor and “no carbs”. But, we decided we would still enjoy an Easter donut treat on that Sunday to celebrate the holiday.

Yeah, Deviant was closed – it was Easter. Of course they were closed. The donut was not meant to be.

I’ll never complain when people are home with their families, but it hurt a little bit.

Then came the temptations in real life – a lot harder to ignore than a post on Instagram. For new readers, I work for an amazing high-end catering company. And yes, we have an uber-talented pastry chef, too!

So, pretty much any day, there are many delectable treats laying around all day at work. The past few weeks have been even worse! We had two staff birthday lunches – a Twinkie inspired cake and an icecream cake – I politely passed on both.

The other day some folks from work were out on the road and passed one of Connecticut’s best cupcake places – Nora Cupcakes. They brought back a whole selection for everyone to sample. I politely passed.

Oh, how I love Nora Cupcake Company

My family went to a party this weekend. They came home with to-go containers of mini cupcakes and chocolate brownies (my favorite). I passed.

I am being SO good. Then I hear the question on Sunday. “So, you want that donut or what?”

Yeah. I did. And … It….. Was….. AMAZING!


Two months of dreaming about this donut and it totally lived up to the desire.

I worried a lot about cheating with that donut, to be honest. I’ve always eaten anything I wanted. But now I’m really trying to do this for real. Junk food/fast food is my vice. It’s my smoking. It’s my drinking. It’s my gambling. Will this open the door back in to this kind of eating?

It’s too early to tell. But I’m hopeful my mental strength is stronger now than it’s ever been. How do you guys fight the temptation?

For now, I’m back on the wagon. Meals have been great and healthy. I feel better and have more energy. I stacked a lot of firewood this weekend, I mean a LOT of firewood. And it felt good. I’ve been posting some food shots on Instagram and Facebook of the healthier alternatives I’ve been enjoying. More of those ideas in a later post on another day. For now, I’m good without the sweets.

No carbs in Steak! 🙂

Of course, I’m sure Deviant will post some other amazing donut this week….


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