Trying To Eat “Right” … At A Sports Bar

The battle with losing 20 lbs before my next Doctor’s visit continues!

I’ve been doing real well sticking to my healthier eating style. (Aside from the necessary trip to Deviant Donuts – totally worth it.)

The plan continues to be to change up the style of how I’ve been eating. Cut back on carbs, no sweets, smaller portions.

Instead of a tuna grinder for lunch, I put tuna on a salad.

If you have to eat salad – be sure it’s a BB-8 salad!

Instead of a ham and cheese sub, I rolled the ham and Swiss in some Bibb lettuce.

A roll of a different color…

Instead of a cheeseburger off the grill and on to an amazing potato roll, I wrapped it in crunchy leaves of romaine.

actual burger not pictured – I was too hungry to stop and take a shot!

These alternatives aren’t exactly the same, but they aren’t bad either. I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed the romaine for my burger. (I used three leaves to be sure to really wrap it up well.)

A big part of staying on track with this plan is eating at home. When we go to the grocery store, we go with a plan and stick to it. So, we don’t stock the pantry with things that would make us want to cheat. I’m been bringing my lunches to work, so I get to control that too.

However, the other day was a good friend’s birthday. So, we made plans to go on a “Dad Date” and meet up without the wives and kids.

A while ago, I talked about ways to make plans work as our families grow and our lives become more “busy”. One of the tips was how to work out a “Bro outing” without upsetting anyone.

Shoot for ‘Quiet’ Times! Sure, you may be more tired than usual the next day, but how about putting off plans until the kids are in bed and asleep? Depending on the age of your kids, this could be in the 7:00pm-8:00pm window and then you head out.

My friend and I wanted to watch the Yankees / Red Sox game. So, we headed to Arooga’s Sports Bar after bedtime. More TVs here than most electronics stores. It’s a Sports Bar chain but the food is quite good.

My friend wasn’t aware of my no carb thing. So, while he had dreams of splitting an assortment of appetizers together – I had to break the news. And MAN was it rough to pass up the offerings!

Jumbo hot pretzels. Breaded onion rings. Perogies (an all time fave). Sliders. Mozzarella Sticks. Loaded Fries. And something called Tater Tots of Glory. I couldn’t partake of any.

Found this photo online of the Tater Tots of Glory – oh MAN do I want these…

The beer list looked like an encyclopedia! Hello carbs. I had a seltzer with lime.

But I didn’t want a salad. I just didn’t. So, what’s a guy to do?

The Simpsons speak the truth

Then I found it – a shining light on a back page.

A combo platter of wings, ribs and fries! Hang on. I know. Let me finish. I was able to customize it!

Rack of ribs? Yes please. Protein all the way.

Pains me to say it – but no fries please, I’ll have the cole slaw.

Wings – hold the breaded fried kind. They offer something called “naked” wings. They are boneless ROASTED pieces of chicken, in the wing sauce of your choice.

The meal came and staring at me from the platter – fries. They messed up. I politely pointed it out and my friend got to enjoy double fries as they brought me my slaw.

Ribs, Naked Wings and Cole Slaw combo. YUM!

The meal was delicious and I felt proud that while sure, I could have gone more healthy with a simple salad, I still fought the temptation of the fried, carb-heavy, pub food and did my thing. I had a good time celebrating my buddy’s birthday.

The game? The Yanks lost HUGE – let’s not talk about that part – ok?

How about you guys? What healthier alternatives have you tried when going out with the boys?

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