Keith Signs Up For Wohven Subscription Service – A Review

My wife has suggested I try a new subscription service that specializes in great looking graphic t-shirts. She mentioned it before Christmas. Again, around my birthday and then again around Father’s Day.

I was slow to take the hint.

Like many of the Modern Men in our 40s, my t-shirt collection was a mishmash of shirts from over the past several (some 20+) years. Yankee shirts, Friday Night Lights shirts, free give-away shirts, and the like. Many were so worn and faded it was like wearing a second skin.

The small holes didn’t bother me. The frayed collars didn’t either. But, then again, I’m anything but a clothes horse.

Love a free t-shirt

After the 5th or 6th hint – I finally started to listen. My t-shirt collection needed a bit of a ‘refresh’.

So, I looked at the service my wife found – called Wohven. It checked out to be a really cool looking company. Not only is the pricing REALLLLY reasonable ($13 for a tshirt service +plus $2 shipping – WOW! – LOOK FOR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE BELOW!!) but their philosophies made me feel good about sending them some of my hard-earned money.

From Wohven’s website:

In the simplest of terms, we care most about quality and value. Quality in terms of materials and construction, but also in terms of how we treat our employees and how we impact the world around us. We strive to produce our products ethically and responsibly while offering our customers fair prices on quality goods.

Their products include graphic tees, socks and even boxer/briefs. I signed myself up for the monthly t-shirt service, checked out their fit guide (yes, big guys get some love here too!), and waited for the first shipment to come.

A few weeks later, I found this in the mailbox:

What could it be!?

At Mind of Modern Man we always say that we’re looking for ways for guys in their 40s to live life and stay current and not get swept away. AND – we want to do it with a level of ease. Wohven fits right into that.

As they say:

If the thought of walking through the mall gives you panic, but you still want to look like you belong in this decade, you’ve come to the right place. Come one come all. Sizes, creeds, colors, orientation, we’ll keep you stocked up on quality essentials.

The idea behind their service is fantastic. You have NO idea what design is coming in the mail – and that’s the fun of it. They have different artists provide the designs and you even get a little tag in the package with info on the design and artist of the month.

Again, from Wohven’s website:

New month, new design, new designer. We are passionate about design and so are our contributors. These artists are all career designers who take time from their busy schedule to contribute to something they genuinely enjoy.

The September design

I reached out to Wohven when I was going to review their service, to ask for some marketing photos to include in my piece. How great are they? They did me one better. They checked out Modern Man and liked our mission and what we’re all about. So, they sent me a little “care package” with some more product to check out. We made a video of unboxing my Wohven care package – check it out below:

So, what do I think about the shirts? I love them. Seriously – even without the care package love, I’d be saying the same thing.

They are soft. They are strong. They didn’t shrink in the laundry and yes – they look great.

I am NOT a “go out in a t-shirt only” kinda guy. Being a big dude, I never liked the way they fit me. I always had a button shirt, golf shirt or even a jersey over tees. I’ve lost a little weight thanks to my challenge from my doctor earlier this year, so that helps a bit – but these t-shirts looked great. I felt comfortable.

A day at the Zoo – looking good – right?

Shoulder rides are the BEST!

I wore some of the socks the other day to an important work function. The pop of color between my dark shoes and my dark pants were commented on a few times – in very positive ways. They stayed up – which is nice too – not tugging at bad socks all night long.

These are the socks I wore to the event. [Photo: Wohven.]

One of the great perks of Wohven’s subscription service is the ability to swap out the item you’re signed up for each month. (i.e. change it up and get some socks this time…) I’ve received two great t-shirts in the mail (plus the extras from the care package) – so I was fine with t-shirts for now. So, I swapped it out. Coming next month? Boxers – this should be fun!

I can’t recommend Wohven enough. They’re friendly, a great little company, affordable, and have GREAT looking products.

BIG NEWS!! Wohven has extended an EXCLUSIVE code for our followers! Use code modernman for 30% off your first month!!

If it’s getting cold where you are – they have long-sleeve t-shirts too! Tell them Keith at Mind of Modern Man sent you. I really think you’ll enjoy the fun of discovering the design every month and the feel and look of their stuff.

If you DO try them out – come back here and let us know about your experience in our comments. Let’s get the discussion going.


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