TruckTales Video – Top 10 Movie Quotes I Use In Everyday Life

Hey there!

I recently got back in the cab of the pick-up truck (with a NEW theme song and opening credits!) and recorded a new edition of our Modern Man Truck Tales!

This time we put together a fun Top 10 list dedicated to the pop culture stuck in our brains. I created my Top 10 Favorite Movie Quotes I use in every day life.

From comedies to dramas to cartoons – there’s a little bit of everything here. Tom Hanks is in at least 3 of the movies, although not always his lines. Mike Myers, Steve Zahn, Chris Farley, Matthew Broderick, Kevin Pollack, so many more and yes of course – something from Star Wars in here, too.

Click play below and check out the list. Then, head back here (after subscribing to our YouTube channel of course!) and us know what’s stuck in your head enough to be part of your every day vernacular.


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