Modern Man POST Holiday Gift Guide – ThinkGeek Harry Potter & Star Wars Specials!

Recently, we mentioned some great ideas for spending your holiday gift cards on.

Today I want to spotlight two items that our friends at ThinkGeek sent over for us to play with and do a bit of a review. Harry Potter AND Star Wars! Both of these are fun and are 100% worth dropping some gift card cash on!

Harry Potter Hand-Controlled Candle

You don’t have to master the “Lumos” spell like Harry Potter or Hermione to make this magic candle work. You simply wave your hand over the top (go ahead and say “Lumos”) and it turns on, off or changes colors!

This enchanted candle might not float, but you can light it with a flick of your wrist. Wave your hand over this wax candle to turn it on or change its color. The secret? An LED inside flickers to life when you wave your hand over the candle. With three brightness settings and four colors of light, there’s something to satisfy aspiring wizards of every house.

I love that it’s made of real wax, making it feel all the more real. It’s got a good height at 6.5” tall and a nice weight to it too (8oz). On a collectables shelf or in a kid’s room – this will make a really cool piece.

After putting it through the paces, I gifted this candle to a Harry Potter loving member (an adult, mind you) of my family and there were MANY smiles and giggles on Christmas morning when they opened it. A definite win of a product!

Star Wars Darth Vader LED Light-Up Beanie

ThinkGeek is FULL of amazing Star Wars products. If you have a Star Wars fan in your life, it should be one of the first stops for any gift giving.

They sent me this really cool Darth Vader beanie to check out. It’s warm to wear (a positive for a beanie) and fits nice too (covering your ears when you pull it down).

Then there’s the added bonus – the thing LIGHTS UP!!!

It’s like the Force flows through you when you click the button. The perimeter around Vader’s eyes and mouth guard are filled with little LED lights. They can stay on steady or FLASH to really mess with people on your early morning jog/walk.

Each Star Wars Darth Vader LED Light-Up Beanie features a knit exterior with Vader’s mug embroidered into the design (white design on black hat). But wait. When you push the button in the fold-over cuff, tiny cold white LEDs around the eyes and mouth grill light up. And when you push it a second time, they blink, as if a warning. And when you push it a third time, they go dark. This winter, protect your head with the power of the light-up Dark Side.

I showed this off on Christmas morning and there was a resounding “oooohhhhhhh” around the room and then the “aaaahhhhhhh” as the lights came on.

This hat is a can’t miss gift for any Star Wars fan!

We want to thank ThinkGeek for sending us these products (free of charge) to test out. As always, they allow us to speak our minds freely and that’s exactly what I did up there.

So, which one (or both?) are you going to get?!!


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