#FlashbackFridayFunday – Do You Remember Choco Bliss?

Hey gang! The internet is FULL of fun remembrances of our childhoods – every Friday, we’ll share our #FlashbackFridayFunday thoughts on something from the deep recesses of our memory. Today we get sweet!

Chocolatey on top of Chocolatey with Choclatey inbetween! It’s the Hostess Choco Bliss!

These Hostess snack cakes were a staple in my house growing up. It was always a special treat when they showed up in the grocery bags.

My little brother and I devoured these. They were made of a couple layers of chocolate cake, some chocolate cream in the middle and a wonderful chocolate icing on top. What wasn’t to like?

Then, they just disappeared. I don’t know why. Where did they go? BRING THEM BACK!! Should we start a letter writing campaign? Does anyone write anymore? Does anyone read anymore? Argh.

Commercial for the kids…

Commercial for the adults…

Fun story… I work for a catering company and on our birthdays they make us all special lunches with a special dessert. My first year here, they called my wife to find out what kind of sweets I like. She called my little brother who answered quickly – CHOCO BLISS!

SOOOO the chefs MADE me Choco Bliss! It was epic!

I found a recipe from the Brown Eyed Baker to share so you can make them at home. Check out her recipe HERE!

When I saw a recreation of the Choco-Bliss snack cakes – moist, chocolate cakes with a fluffy chocolate filling and rich chocolate icing – on King Arthur Flour’s website, I had to bake them up. Immediately.

Maybe make them this weekend for a Super Bowl party! (See our new video of Top 10 Favorite Super Bowl Foods!)

Anyway, share YOUR memories of this amazing sweet temptation in the comments below.


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