Why My Kids Got Out Of Bed… #5

I’ve been collecting the reasons my little ones give when they get out of bed at night. I’ll be sharing through the year.

#5 is a classic – easily the number 1 reason… or number two, depending on the need:

I Gotta Pee!

You make them use the bathroom before you put them to bed.

You limit the amount they drink between dinner and bedtime.

However, it never fails. As soon as they’re tucked in with stories read and kisses given, they’re standing right behind you. With the stealth of a ninja, or some kind of ghost, they just appear. It’s creepy as hell, sometimes.

They need to pee. Or poop. Sometimes a little from Column A and a little from Column B. Sure, we all know that Everybody Poops… just WHY is it right after bed time?

Usually this is a quick fix and it’s back into bed. The real problem comes when they grab the newspaper on their way in…


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