#FlashbackFriday Funday – Do You Remember Micro Machines?

Hey gang! The internet is FULL of fun remembrances of our childhoods – every Friday, we’ll share our #FlashbackFridayFunday thoughts on something from the deep recesses of our memory. This week’s nostalgia was suggested by my original best friend (and sometimes enemy) – my little brother.

We all had Hot Wheels ans Matchbox cars. Perfect small replicas of real vehicles.

Where’s your pile of old Matchbox cars?

But then, around 1987, things got even smaller. Enter Micro Machines!

Made by Galoob (Now Hasbro), these tiny vehicles were awesome. Lots of variety. Amazing detail. And very, VERY, collectible.

And the blackmarket for Micro Machines at school and on the playground was immense! My brother put it well in a text to me…

Traded them out of my pencil case all day during school!

There were cars, motorcycles, emergency vehicles, military, airplanes, monster trucks!


There were playsets and carrying cases.

And yes, there were Star Wars Micro Machines sets too!

Don’t forger the commercials! They starred John Moschitta Jr. who was famous for being the fastest talker in the US. Yeah, the 80s were filled with celebrities like that!

We loved collecting MicroMachines. How about you? Have any fun memories of these little pieces of fun on wheels? Remember, if it doesn’t say Micro Machines, it’s not the real thing!


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