Wohven Introduces Kid-Sized T-Shirt Subscription

I’ve already written about my love for Wohven.com, their method of work and their really great products.

My wardrobe is entrenched with Wohven goodness – t-shirts, socks, even boxers. The idea behind their monthly mystery design is one I still relish when I head to the mailbox every month.

As I said last time:

The idea behind their service is fantastic. You have NO idea what design is coming in the mail – and that’s the fun of it. They have different artists provide the designs and you even get a little tag in the package with info on the design and artist of the month.

Now, they’re helping me get the littles of the family on board too. Our friends at Wohven sent me a new care package with two new shirts – one for me and one for my son to try out. [In full transparency, they sent me the shirts, free of charge. However, rest assured, these opinions are how I truly feel!]

As I always say – the shirts are the SOFTEST I own. Great quality and they fit well too. And check out this design – it’s perfect for a Mini Me matching outfit with the design giving hints to a bigger and smaller pairing.

As any regular readers of our blog know, I don’t share photos of my kids, so you’ll have to take my word for it – we look SO cute together in these shirts! He loves that we share a shirt design and beams with pride to match Daddy. Yeah, I’m beaming too!

This past month’s designer, Kevin Kroneberger, is from Fort Collins, CO and incorporated a bit of the rocky mountain look in there, too.

I really dig this design – I’m often partial to the ones that come in a circle. This one below is my favorite that Wohven has sent, so far.

photo: Wohven on Facebook

So, how do you get shirts for you and Jr. too? Easy as pie. Head over HERE to the Wohven site that offers the kid’s subscription. If you use code modernman you’ll get 30% off your first month!

Here’s what they say about their kids’ tees:

New simple, clean graphic every month
• Matching graphic with our Graphic T-Shirt Subscription
• Exceptionally soft blend of combed, ringspun cotton and polyester
• Pre-shrunk
• Ideal fit, true to size (Keith’s note: They range from kids XS to kids XL – there’s even a sizing chart.)
• T-Shirt colors may vary slightly from the adult Graphic T-Shirt Subscription

So, you can be cool like my son and I – order yourself the monthly t-shirt subscription AND add one for your own Mini-Me – you’ll have a ball walking around town in great looking, MATCHING, t-shirts.

Remember – Wohven has extended an EXCLUSIVE code for our readers! Use code modernman for 30% off your first month!!

Do it now, before your kids realize how uncool it is to match with Daddy…..


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