#FlashbackFriday Funday – Do You Remember WWF Thumb Wrestlers?

Hey gang! The internet is FULL of fun remembrances of our childhoods – on Fridays, we’ll share our #FlashbackFridayFunday thoughts on something from the deep recesses of our memory. This week I trained, I said my prayers and I took my vitamins – BROTHER!

One, two, three, four… I declare a thumb war!

This past week I visited my parents to wish my Dad a happy birthday. We headed to the basement to search through bins of old stuff I’ve left behind. Toys, baseball cards, stuffed animals, etc. One of the items I found was my old Hulk Hogan Thumb Wrestler!

These things were cool! You literally put them on your thumb and tried to wrestle with a friend.

It was a really odd design in order to have a space to insert your thumb….

These rubber figures were sold in the early to mid 80s and were part of the Wrestling Superstars toy line from LJN toys. They were the first line of WWF toys you could get.

The Thumb Wrestlers had a very limited run and came in 2-packs.

We had Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper!

We didn’t necessarily play with these things for hours, and to be honest probably played with them more as action figures than actual thumb wrestling. But they were cool. WWF was at an insane popularity with the superstars of that era.

The Thumb Wrestlers included: Macho Man, Jake the Snake, Junk Yard Dog, Iron Sheik and more. A total of 12 were made and sold in differing pairings.

Of course we found an old commercial for you! Check out the wood paneled mini van! (Notice the kids don’t have on seatbelts!)

Was fun to see my old Hulk Hogan toy and don’t worry – he didn’t end up in the discard bin. He’s coming come to find a spot on my collectibles shelf.

No clue whatever happened to the Piper one. I’ll blame my little brother.


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