#FlashbackFridayFunday – Do You Remember The Bartman?

Hey gang! The internet is FULL of fun remembrances of our childhoods – on most Fridays, we’ll share our #FlashbackFridayFunday thoughts on something from the deep recesses of our memory. This week it’s time for us all to move your hips from side to side now… Do the Bartman!

In 1990, the FOX show that never dies – The Simpsons – released an album of songs called The Simpsons Sing the Blues.

If you were lucky enough – you got the cassette featuring the breakout song – Do The Bartman! As for us, our parents didn’t really like the idea of The Simpsons, so we weren’t the home with all The Simpsons memorabilia.

But… that didn’t stop me from getting the song. How did I do it? The way we ALL got our songs back in the day. I’d lay on the floor in front of my boombox with a blank cassette prime and loaded. You tune into the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 and WAIT.

Rick would introduce the song and you’d JUMP on the RECORD button. Sure, you may have had a few words overlap the beginning of the tune, but it worked. Then, you’d wait and record the next song you’d been waiting for. This was the REAL way to make a mix tape back in the day.

Now, I’m sure you’re sitting there, reading this, and thinking – Really? Do The Bartman by Bart Simpson was on Rick Dees Weekly Top 40?! Hell yes it was. In fact – it reached #11 on the Billboard Top 100 in 1990!! The song was secretly co-written and co-produced by Michael Jackson (a HUGE Simpsons fan) but he couldn’t take credit because of a record label legality.

I found a listing of Rick Dees’ Weekly Top 40 from February 2, 1991. Do The Bartman was #15. It was surrounded by Wilson Philips, ACDC, Vanilla Ice, Celine Dion, Damn Yankees, and Nelson. #1 that week was Love Will Never Do by Janet Jackson. Pretty sure I hit record on After The Rain by Nelson too. Guess what – it was #15 on Casey Casem’s top 40 that week, too!

I have a very vidid memory of laying on my floor in 1991 waiting to capture The Bartman. I don’t know WHY that song popped back in my head this week – but it did.

The music video was a fun ride for Simpsons fans too! It was directed by Brad Bird – who many of us know now as the guy who directed The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Incredibles 2. He’s ALSO voiced Edna Mode in The Incredibles movies!

Brad is the one on the right…

The video was the NUMBER ONE video in circulation on MTV between January and March in 1991!

So, now that you’ve played it and re-lived it … can you get it out of your head?

Yeah, me either. You’re welcome.


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