Truck Tales Video – Top 10 Favorite Baseball Movie Scenes

I love baseball. I love movies. If you use the transitive property, it’s scientifically proven that I love baseball movies.

The baseball season is in full swing, the Yankees are winning (with 90% of their team on the IL) and the leaves are popping on the trees!

After a nasty cold that stole my voice from me for weeks and weeks, I got back in the truck and we FINALLY have a new Truck Tales for you guys!

What are my favorite SCENES from baseball movies? Good question.

You know you’ll find The Sandlot.

You know you’ll find some Field of Dreams.

You know you’ll find some Major League.

You know you’ll find some Bull Durham.

But what else made the list? No joke, there’s even a mention of Summer Catch.

Watch and find out. Then be sure to Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe.


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