New Wohven Design – Perfect For New England Spring!

This past month, our friends at sent us a matching Daddy and Daughter set of of their newest design.

Opening the pack this month was exciting when we saw a piece of New England lore.

A classic looking lighthouse standing tall across the shirt. PERFECT for our life here in Connecticut. Fun for anyone across the nation, too. Great job by this month’s artist, Tommy Keough.

As always, the Wohven folks sent a SOFT, good fitting shirt.

One for me, and one for my middle daughter.

Daddy/Daughter twinning is very fun… at least while they’re young! Don’t really see myself sporting an Elsa dress in a couple years. Although, this guy ROCKED it.

So, we’re excited for next month to see what comes. How about you? Have you tried out Wohven yet?

Don’t forget – if you use OUR LINK to Wohven, and use code ModernMan you’ll get 30% off your first month – and the pricing is already very good for what you get!

What are you waiting for? What questions do you have about their subscription service I can help with? Ask away – I’ll answer whatever I can!


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