Mind of the Modern Man Podcast Story – More Than Just A T-Shirt

In the mail last month, I received the newest graphic tee from our friends at Wohven.com. It’s a great look – and reminds me 100% of what it was like getting dressed in the late 80s and early 90s and some of the great memories those shirts were a part of for me.

Listen to our latest podcast by clicking the image below or hitting play on the player beneath it. Of course, you can find us on iTunes too! If you’d rather read the story – you can do that below, too. Enjoy!

I was born in 1975. That means I was born in the time of disco, ran around as kid during the 80s pop phenomenon and came ‘of age’ in the era of grunge and big hair rock.

Like most families with multiple kids (I have one amazing younger brother), my mom often bought us clothes that looked good to her – and some of the times, even matched.

I remember red shirts with a huge black strip on it, with faux snaps across the top and bottom of the strip. With matching shorts, of course.

I remember baseball tees and the generic solid color shirts from JC Penny or Bradlees.

Anyone else remember Bradlees?

Our friends at Wohven.com sent me the recent graphic tee shirt and all the memories of outfits from those times came flooding back.


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