Star Wars Saturday – Our Mega Fans Have Questions and Theories From The Latest Rise of Skywalker Trailer

Weeks ago, we saw NEW footage from Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker.

I asked our team of MEGA fans their thoughts on the new trailer and there’s a lot to dissect and think about.

If you haven’t seen any of the trailers, and don’t want any ideas for the last movie of the Skywalker Saga – turn back now. Go visit our DADventureDisney page for some family fun.

If You DO want to talk more about The Rise of Skywalker, let’s get to it!

1. Rey is EVIL in this trailer. But we’re not buying it.

“I refuse to watch trailers. But, from what I saw on my feed, Rey is not going Darkside. It’s just a scene to make it look like she was.”

“Evil Rey is a clone.”

“Evil Rey is a vision from a force ghost Emperor Palpatine or Clone Emperor Palpatine.”

“Rey in the dark cloak with a double saber is a vision, either of Rey’s or Kylo’s.”

“Is Dark Rey a figment of her imagination or is it like Luke facing fake Vador on Dagobah?”

“I think the footage of “dark side Rey” is a dream sequence and not real.”

2. Who IS Rey?

“Rey is a Skywalker… or a Kenobi.”

“Is Rey a Clone? Kylo said her parents are nobody. Is Rey really a Skywalker – it’s the Skywalker Sega. If Rey is or is not a clone who are her parents?”

3. What’s going to happen with Kylo Ren?

“What is Kylo’s end goal, besides being a pissed off Sith, what is his end game?”

“Kylo Ren will have a redemption arc and we’ll get Kylo and Rey vs Palpatine.”

“Kylo dies saving Rey taking down the Emperor in the process.”

4. What’s the Protocol?

“Why are 3POs eyes red?”

“C-3PO with red eyes is either him having his memory restored (thus recalling the entire saga) or… 3PO finds he has a battle mode.”

5. We miss Carrie Fisher

“I will never be able to see Leia again and not cry.”

6. We Have So Many Questions!

“Is the fleet of old school star destroyers a contingency plan of the Emperor, long hidden by dark force energy (hence all the lightning)?”

“Is the Emperor’s Spirit Ghost trapped in the Death Star fragment and has been pulling everyone’s strings form there?”

“What role will the Knights of Ren play?”

“Does the First Order have a new Super Weapon?”

And here is my favorite theory I saw from our Mega Fans!

“Time has past since Episode 8, The First Order is going around trying to find and wipe out what’s left of the Resistance, led by Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren. Rey has gone off to train with Spirit Ghost Luke and Yoda (hopefully). The Resistance needs to find something in the remains of the Death Star that will help them stop the First Order once and for all. While in the shards of the Death Star, the spirit of the Emperor tries to convert Rey to the Dark Side and she ends up fighting her Dark Side vision. She chooses Light and then goes off to confront Kylo for a final showdown while the rest of the Resistance takes down some new super weapon thing.
The End

What do you all think? What is Rise of Skywalker going to give us? Hit the comments below.

I’m not sure WHAT I think – but I close with this…. I trust JJ!

Can’t wait to see it.


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