Modern Man Dad School – Animal Day!

We are all dealing with a new life as COVID 19 has suddenly turned every furloughed/laid-off/working from home parent into a teacher.

I picked up the ball and ran with it. I have a Kindergartner, a pre-schooler and a toddler here. I don’t have any kind of colored skills poster or big lesson plans, but I’m doing my best to keep it light, fun and still focus on some learning.

We are including quiet time, screen time, crafts, writing, reading, outside time, and home skills too!

For those of you looking for inspiration coming up with ideas to keep your little kids occupied for the morning (DON’T try to teach ALLL day!), I’ll share my daily tasks with you here. I’ll include any links I use at the bottom of each story too.

Click HERE to see all my daily Modern Man Dad School lesson ideas!

Sound good? Let’s go!

We start every morning now by incorporating the Kindergartner’s videos from his Elementary School. They have a YouTube Channel that plays the Morning Announcements (Pledge of Allegiance, what today’s lesson of the day, etc.). It’s a great way to add a constant to every morning. Then, we watch the morning meeting with his Kindergarten teacher. After that, we get to Dad’s portion of the teaching.

Animal Day was maybe a bit too vague, in hindsight, but it did allow for a nice variety in what we talked about for the morning.

First, I busted out a Melissa & Doug wooden Noah’s Ark set that kept the toddler happy!

We read some books from our own shelves (which are looking quite messy these days – but that’s life – right?).

We read “I’ll Wait Mr. Panda” by Steve Anthony

and we read “Truck Full of Ducks” by Ross Burach

Then, to help with the bear research project, we watched the first half of the nature documentary Bears on Disney+. It’s narrated by John C. Reilly – which the kids thought was funny as you listened to the voice of Wreck It Ralph talk about bears.

He had to learn where bears live/habitat, what they eat and an interesting fact. This movie delivered on all three. Score!

To the table for snack and crafts time. While they were watching the movie, I made blank Comic Book pages and made a bunch of copies to use in future “classes”.

There is a slight difference between the two sheets. The Kindergartner has lines on each panel for him to practice his writing and tell the story of each panel. The Pre-Schooler has no lines, and tells the story out loud after drawing them all. If you want a PDF to print out on your own, drop me a line and I’ll send one over!

You’ll notice our Kinder made his comic about a bear, too!

After this, we left the house, like a bear emerging from hibernation and went outside for some backyard playground time and fresh air.

We headed back in for lunch, naps for the little ones, and the Kindergartner had his usual quiet project time (School Assigned Projects, LEGO, Pokemon cards, reading, etc.)

That’s it for Animal Day at Modern Man Dad School. If you choose to try it with your kids – let me know how it goes in the comments below, or on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

Stay Strong. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy!
– Keith


  • “I’ll Wait Mr. Panda” by Steve Anthony
  • “Truck Full of Ducks” by Ross Burach
  • Crayons/Markers/Colored Pencils
  • Pre-Made Comic Style Sheets (Copier Paper with Lines Drawn with Sharpie and Ruler)
  • Disney+ Bears
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