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Welcome to Star Wars Saturdays! Our Star Wars Fan Panel – a group of big time Star Wars fans – has gathered to talk all things from a Galaxy Far Far Away!

On Saturdays we share our thoughts on ranking anything and everything in the Star Wars galaxy! What makes us different? We vote with our hearts. Our lists are our top FAVORITE things about each Star Wars category. We believe there are already too many critical lists, artistry lists, film making lists… yadda yadda… we are simply talking about our FAVORITES – as all fans do.

Our merry band of rebel fans are:
Brer Brooke (@brer.burke)
Chris B (@thedisneynationtm)
Chris R
Evan (@homeawayfromdisney)
Jason (@fency53)
Jeremy (@disneyfamilytime)
Joe N (@joseph.nicholas35)
Jon Gus (thejonnygus)
Kevin (@thekevinawakens)
Meaghan (@homeawayfromdisney)
Steph (@saylikeyay)
And yours truly, Keith – founder of @mindofmodernman and @dadventuredisney

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This week – 10 of us take on the task of ranking our favorite Star Wars Force Powers.

Looking at powers that you can harness with The Force isn’t clear it’s not just for Jedis, we found some that are mostly used by the Dark Side as well.

We came up with over 25 different skills to vote on and broke it all down to find our Top 10. No one power made it on to all 10 lists, but two made it on to 90% of the lists and you’ll find those on the list below if you look. Can you guess our top one?

After you check out our list, hit the comments and share your thoughts too.

On to the list… Punch it!

Force Jump
“He moved so fast… Where did he go?” – “Up.”
Top 10 Score: 2.20. Nominated on 4 ballots.

When a Jedi or even a Sith needs a quick escape, or to continue a chase – they have the ability to concentrate their strength to launch into a great jump, dive or fall. If they had capes it would all look quite “super”.

Telepathy (Mind Reading)
“So, you have a twin sister? Your feelings have now betrayed her too.”
Top 10 Score: 2.90. Nominated on 5 ballots.

Someone won’t give you the information when you ask nicely? Simply use The Force to take it from them! Need a ride while hanging on the bottom of Cloud City? Call out with your mind.

Watch out – it looks like it hurts when used for evil.

Force Visions
“Careful you must be when sensing the future, Anakin. The fear of loss is a path to the dark side.”
Top 10 Score: 3.00 Nominated on 5 ballots. 1 first place vote.

Those strong with The Force are able to (willingly or not) sense images, scenes or happenings in their past or coming up in the future.

Young Anakin, Ezra and Rey were especially prone to these unexpected visions.

Force Sense
“I felt a great disturbance in the Force… as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”
Top 10 Score: 3.20. Nominated on 5 ballots.

You’re watching a Force Sensitive being, maybe having a conversation with them, when suddenly they look lost in thought and just drop their jaws or sit down. What’s happening?

They’re sensing something. Darth Vader sensed Obi-Wan Kenobi on the Death Star. General Leah sensed Han Solo‘s death. Ezra Bridger could feel the cold of Vader’s approach.

Force Lightning
“How does one defend against such power?”
Top 10 Score: 3.80. Nominated on 6 ballots.

More of a Dark Side power, Force Lightning is a force to be reckoned with. It took down Luke Skywalker. It took down Mace Windu. Rey had to be “ALL THE JEDI” to take it on. Yoda was able to catch it and send it right back to Count Dooku!

Force Push
Someone’s getting pushy!
Top 10 Score: 4.10. Nominated on 5 ballots. 2 first place vote.

One of the best abilities of those who can use The Force is to manipulate other objects, even people. One part of this is the ability to force PUSH someone.

When you watch any great lightsaber battle, you’re sure to see quite a few Force Pushes utilized to get the opponent out of your way.

Anyone else remember Vader’s rampage in Rogue One as he used The Force to toss the Rebel soldiers all over the hallway?

Force Healing
“I just transferred a bit of life, Force energy from me to him.”
Top 10 Score: 4.40. Nominated on 9 ballots.

Seen more recently in The Mandalorian by “Baby Yoda” and Rey in The Rise of Skywalker, a direct Force Heal is now part of canon.

What’s happening is the Force sensitive person is passing their essence to the injured party.

Force Ghost
If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”
Top 10 Score: 4.40. Nominated on 6 ballots. 2 first place vote.

When Ben died aboard the Death Star we thought we’d seen the last of him. Oh, how wrong we were. From the moment that Luke heard Obi-Wan’s voice in his mind “Run Luke, RUN!” we figured out Obi-Wan’s warning to Vader – he was more powerful. He was everywhere!

Ghost Yoda showing up to slap some sense into Grumpy Luke may have been the best part of The Last Jedi. All the Jedi voices in Rey’s mind as she tried to end the Emperor. Anakin‘s ghost (NOT YOUNG ANAKIN!! GRRRR) at the end of Jedi was a nice ghost too.

When our heroes are gone in Star Wars, seems some can find the way to make it back!

LOVE this Fan-Made Clip from RoS!

“It’s not just about lifting rocks. The force binds everything together.”
Top 10 Score: 5.60. Nominated on 8 ballots. 1 first place vote.

Floating X-Wing Fighters, moving yourself through space, calling a lightsaber to you, levitating rocks, pulling objects from the roof of a cave and so much more – when you have The Force, you can use it to move things with you mind.

Be honest, how many times have you been on the couch and see the remote a little too far out of reach and reached out with your hand, closed your eyes, and tried to Jedi it over? You know you have!

Jedi Mind Trick
“The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.”
Top 10 Score: 6.20. Nominated on 9 ballots. 2 first place votes.

it didn’t work on Jabba the Hutt, or Watto but pretty much everyone else in the Star Wars Universe seems to be ‘weak-minded’ as the Jedi Mind Trick is used quite frequently in all kinds of situations.

From confusing Stormtroopers to curing death stick dealers to many Imperial Officers, the Jedi use this trick often and with great success. Now, if I could just get it to work on my kids…

Of course there are more cool (or mean) things you can do with The Force: Hyper Listening, Levitation, Choking, Projection (we see you Super Cuts Luke), or even the ability to talk to animals are just a few more of our favorites.

So… what are some of your favorite Force powers? If you could have ONE of these powers in real life, which would you choose?

Hit the comments and let us know. Or head over to our Instagram Page and hit us up there, too!

On behalf of the Star Wars Fan Panel, thank you for reading and we’ll see you next time for another Star Wars Saturday.


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