Who Are These Guys?

A farming, TV critic, Dad of three, walks into a bar…

Ok, it’s not a bar – it’s a blog. Yet, still, it’s a place for us to ‘get together’, share our stories and have a good time. Besides, we’re all in our 40s and going out to a bar just seems like a lot of work these days.


Hi, I’m Keith, some call me KP, and I have really enjoyed most of my 40+ years, so far. I have three amazing little kids and the hardest working wife on the planet. She’s a farmer and we all live on our family farm – chickens, pigs, vegetables – the real deal. She even lets me drive the tractor, sometimes!

I work “off-farm” in marketing and do some work as a consultant and guest speaker on the topic, too. I love television (favorite all-time shows include The West Wing, Friday Night Lights and The Office). I’m a former television critic and was a member of the Broadcast Television Journalists Association. I am a devout Star Wars geek, huge Yankee fan and fantasy baseball connoisseur.

While I was looking into tips, help or stories from other Dads in their 40s trying to balance life, kids, marriage, homes, jobs, hobbies and everything else – it was clear – we don’t do a very good job of sharing. Moms have an amazing ability to share ideas, network and support each other through anything. Us? Not so much.

That’s why I wanted to start this new kind of community. How does the ‘modern’ man in his 40s relate to the world around him? Good question. While I am in no way an expert – I am living it and I’m willing to share what I’m going through. It’s my hope that you’ll do the same. Let us build a community of Modern Men helping each other out.

Catch me “blowing up” Twitter: @ModernKeith

Please, read our adventures and listen to our podcasts. We hope you’ll share some insights from your lives too!

I’m not alone on this venture, either. I have some AMAZING friends working alongside me on this site. They’ll be contributing a lot in all kinds of manners.


An old friend, going back to SIXTH grade, is my buddy Jon. He’s a songwriter and musician, a market research consultant, and a dad. His wife is an exec at a TV studio and they have two boys, age 7 and 4. So life is full, and as he always says, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

He’s toured the country with various indie artists, played the Sunset Strip with his own band, and is currently writing music for TV and film. TV shows, bonfires and bourbon are his vices, Star Wars is his weakness, and his guitar is his long time love.


From my days of non-stop Community Theater performing and directing, I met a man who is like my brother – Mat. He’s a theatre teacher and life-long devotee to the process. I love watching him easily geek out about the process of acting and storytelling. He’s a father of two boys.

Mat is a podcast king and you can check out The Process Podcast, that Mat hosts.

He is my go to guy to geek out over Shakespeare, Star Wars, Joss Whedon, Aaron Sorkin and the ever-slow writing George RR Martin.


Here are a few more Modern Men helping us out!


Meet my Disney Champ and my dear friend Robby K. I met him as family of an old girlfriend, but became friends long after that. A funny story is how I was a plus one at his wedding, when we didn’t even know each other – and now we’re like family.

Robby is a theater teacher, baseball fan and father of two. He’s also an expert on all things Walt Disney World. He spent well over 30 days there last year alone! From time to time he shares his insider tips on traveling to and enjoying all that Disney World has to offer with his Disney Dad’s Dozen lists.


Next up – Jay! A friend from high school and UCONN, alike. We shared a love for performing, Aladdin and concerts.

Jay is our Technical Producer. Joining us in May 2018, he’s revolutionizing the way we do our videos and podcasts! He worked in Nashville for years engineering music for some big names and albums. He also worked at ESPN for a long time too. We’re lucky to have him around!

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