10 Favorite Albums That “Made An Impact”

Recently on Facebook, a good friend nominated me to create a 10-day long project, listing 10 favorite albums.

The post went like this:

In no particular order – 10 all time favorite albums. What really made an impact and is still on your rotation list, even if only now and then. Post the cover, no need to explain and nominate a person each day to do the same.

Daily I searched my memory bank for entire albums that made me happy. These albums are good – from the first track to the last. You can sing (or something play) along and there are no surprises here. I didn’t list any obscure Australian band (although I do love Midnight Oil!).

I didn’t try to sound like a music connoisseur. I know who I am – I’m a simple, fun guy and I love simple, fun music.

You can get the whole playlist at the end of page 2 of this story!

On to the albums we go, shall we?

#10: The Music Man – Movie Soundtrack

Oh we got trouble…

I learned this movie watching it every year with my Grandfather when it would come on PBS. I knew every word in every song. When I was 15, the local youth theater company was holding auditions for The Music Man. As PETRIFIED as I was to talk in public, I took a shot. Almost 30 years later – the experience changed me to who I am today. I’ll always remember this soundtrack.

#9: Men At Work: Business As Usual

Who can it be now?

This is one of the very first tapes I ever bought. I played this tape into the ground. Had to use the pencil to get the tape back in the cassette more than a few times.

#8: Guns N’ Roses: Appetite For Destruction

Welcome to the jungle baby…

In middle school I breathed this album. Every single note, every single track. A kid from across the street, my little brother and I would get home from school – set up our fake stage (complete with tennis racket guitar and buckets drumset) and ‘perform’ this album beginning to end. I’m pretty sure that if you took those buckets away from me and put a real drum kit down, I could play this album.

#7: Dave Matthews Band: Under The Table and Dreaming

Make the best of what’s around

I’m not sure if there’s a better track by track album to come out of the 90s. I remember playing this album in the dorm and everyone digging this new band. Saw them in concert a few times (who hasn’t?) and really enjoy them every time.

This album holds a really special place for me because of one night (into morning). A bunch of friends and I were celebrating after the closing night of a play we were all in. We were all in our early 20s and having fun at Jon’s river cottage in the woods. Someone turned on the CD player – with Under the Table and Dreaming in it, but then fell asleep. No one else could go near the CD player cause you’d have to wake up half the people. So, this album played, on repeat, ALL NIGHT! ANY time I hear any of these tracks I’m instantly transported back to that night.

#6: Hootie and the Blowfish: Cracked Rear View

Only wanna be with you…

This may be a simple pop album – with one of the most over-played songs of the 90s (Hold My Hand). But I LOVE this album. Want to know more? Check out my video blog about it!

CLICK HERE TO READ #5 thru #1!

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