I Binged Off My Diet – And It HURT!

A few months ago I wrote about my doctor challenging me to lose weight, for the better of myself and everyone in my life.

Then, a bit after that, I wrote about a day I ‘cheated’ on my diet with an amazing donut from a local pop-up shop called Deviant Donuts. I mentioned how it felt so good.

Recently, it was Father’s Day weekend. My wife and kids treated me like a King for 3 days (one for each kid). It was awesome – and I’m still humbled by how much love they showered on me.

However, one of the best ways into my heart, has always been – as cliché as it may sound – through my stomach. I LOVE food. Get me special food and I love you!

For Friday night, we had the BEST brick-oven pizza (New Haven style) from a place a town over called The Rolling Tomato – they know how to do pizza right. We also got TWO kinds of wings from them. Honey BBQ and Buffalo. SOOOO GOOD!

An ice cold beer really sealed this as one of the best cheat meals EVER.

The sweet treat on Friday was a box of AMAZINGNESS from the aforementioned Deviant Donuts. They were highlighting donuts based on drinks that weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed a Root Beer Float and Vanilla Shake donut. Along with a Boston Crème and the all-time great Samoa donut.

Clockwise from upper left: Samoa, Rootbeer Float, Vanilla Shake, Boston Cream

Saturday we had some cousins pop-in to say hello and my wife made house-made “Crunchwrap Supremes” for lunch.

These things are AMAZING! She makes the seasoned beef. She makes guacamole. She makes queso from scratch! Then, she fries up a corn tortilla for the crunch. She puts down a large flour tortilla, adds in the beef, veggies, guac, queso and sour cream. Then the little corn tortilla goes on and the flour tortilla is wrapped around it all and finished off in the frying pan.

Don’t run for the border – make them yourselves!


Saturday night we spent the evening building a new Lego set I was given from the kids. I wasn’t lying when I listed Lego as one of my favorite all-time toys!

It’s Lego – not Legos. Watch the video to find out.

They borrowed Star Wars: A New Hope from the library for me to watch – do they know me or what?

The library is the new Blockbuster!

Sunday morning was time for brunch. The house was FILLED with the smells of freshly baking cinnamon rolls!

Ready to be frosted!



Baked goods – my all-time favorite things EVER!

Sunday night we grilled burgers and I had mine on a roll and we even had fresh potato salad.

After a couple months of avoiding sweets, breads, rolls and potatoes – my system was on overload.

Monday and Tuesday and even into Wednesday I was feeling it. Was like I was having a food hangover. I was sluggish, I felt heavy. I was very sleepy. I was still doing my 2 mile walk each day – that never gave in – but it had a lot more calories to burn off this time. EliteDaily.com has a great story about the phenomenon behind the Food Hangover.

Keith. Hey Keith. WAKE UP DUDE!

I always feared that if I were to venture off the diet for a bit, I would have a very hard time getting back on the path – but I did. I was able to get back on the food wagon in a good way – with a HUGE assist from my amazingly supportive wife. Best thing she made recently – Pork Fried Rice – but the rice was Cauliflower rice – SO SURPRISINGLY GOOD! Here’s a link to a great recipe I found on MyFoodStory.com.

Cauliflower Rice – it’s what’s for dinner.

We had a blast that weekend and food is always a big part of our celebrations. I understand the need to get myself healthier and stay that way – but I really believe we still must live our lives and have fun, too. I didn’t like how I felt after the Father’s Day binge, physically. But, in my heart and soul, I loved every minute of it.

I wouldn’t have changed a thing.


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