What Did I Learn This Week? – #4 – February 19, 2018

“You learn something new every day.”

Time for this week’s installment of things that I learned. Let’s get to sharing!

Getting Older Means Caring Less About Looking Cool

Looking cool, Grandpa!

I’ve always worn Nikes. ALWAYS! Needed sneakers – BOOM – Nikes. The same size for year and years.

However, it was pointed out to me that as I was talking a walk with the family, that my food was literally off the soul of the shoe – going to the side. This Nike sneaker was doing nothing for supporting my foot.

I never even thought about it. I just always bought the same thing. Bad idea. We change, our things need to change with us.

LiveStrong.com has a great article about the importance of wearing the right shoe – especially while working out.

Choosing a proper shoe can help to protect you against common injuries associated with your type of workout. Good shoes can lessen the impact of your step and cushion the foot from heavy landings. In addition, sport or exercise specific shoes can improve your performance, enabling, for example, quick direction changes. – LiveStrong.com

Of course, the best way to get your foot sized properly, is to have a professional do it at a “real” shoe store. (You’re not going to find this help at WalMart.)

However, if you want to measure you own foot, here’s a cool way to do it at home, thanks to the blog over at LiveAbout.com.

As I got older, my foot stayed the same size – but got wider. So, now, I have to look for ‘wide width’ sneakers. Hello New Balance – welcome to my closet. I think they still look pretty cool though – no?

My new New Balance

Sorry Nike, it may sound cliché, but I just had to Do It.

Getting Older Means Caring Less About Looking Cool – Part 2

Homer Snoring

Another wonderful side effect of getting older – apparently I’ve been snoring LOUDLY! Not good.

I remember my father’s snores. If you didn’t fall asleep before him, you had little shot of getting there. He served on an Aircraft Carrier – bunking beneath the flight deck – he tells stories that they could STILL hear him snore.

I don’t want to keep the whole household awake all night. So, I researched it a bit. Off to SleepResolutions.com I went. They had a great explanation of WHY we snore.

Despite snoring being a widespread problem, it’s not actually normal to snore; snoring signals that something is wrong with the way we are breathing as we sleep. –SleepResolutions.com

So, how can we STOP snoring? Lots of lists out there, I like this one from Healthline.com. Of course, the common thread is lose weight. Because, what’s a day if we don’t feel we have to lose weight for a myriad of reasons?

Aside from that – we can elevate our head (fixed that with a few pillows) and I invested in some nasal strips. Used right – they seem to be working.

Do I look cool? No, but if no one else is awake – doesn’t it really matter?

I Still Don’t Know How It Can Stop


I grew up 10 minutes from Newtown and Sandy Hook Elementary. I can only imagine what the people who live near Parkland, Florida are feeling these days.

Lots of thoughts. Lots of confusion. Lots of anger.

But, I want to trust, I want to believe. I want to know that there are people in charge who can help this stop. Where are they? This next election I won’t stand by and be willfully uninformed –it’s time to learn. Time to really research and time to make a change.

I think I’m going to go hug my kids some more, now.

That’s it for this week. What about you guys? What did you learn this week? Let’s share!


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