Re-Focusing the Mind of the Modern Man

Hey gang!

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve checked in with you all here on the blog. We were really concentrating our efforts on our ‘brother’ site: DADventureDisney.

While focusing on the Mouse, I was doing a lot of soul-searching with the direction of ModernMan. Our original vision of being a community for men in their 40s, sharing stories and tips about every day life is still a great goal – but turns out, not where my passion was pushing me.

I’ve been very hesitant to share any very specific details about my family (especially my kids) and thus I was doing a lot of talking in generalities – not really the angles I was going for.

However, when we would expound about pop culture – all of our creative juices (Mat, Jon, Jason…) would flow much easier – and to be honest, the readership was always better too. It was a shared interest that more of us could feel something about.

Before starting Modern Man, I had a website It started as TheTwoCents and was about everything Pop Culture. Then, as my TV Critic ‘career’ built up steam, we turned the focus solely to TV. But, I missed talking about movies, books and music too.

With all that backstory, I’m here to say that I’m going to steer Mind of Modern Man into a great mashup of both of those sites.

We’re going to talk about Pop Culture – from the Mind of the Modern Man in his 40s. We’ll talk about TV, Music, Books, Movies, even a bit of Style and more as it fits into the way the Modern Man enjoys it all. We can talk about how they affect our lives, our work, or friendships, our family.

There will be plenty of Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and a whole lot more.

We’ll refresh our YouTube channel, re-launch the podcast with a Culture Pop title and feel. Our Instagram and Facebook pages will keep up with the fun and funny posts.

So, are you with me? Ready to deep dive into The Mandalorian? Want to know what book is currently on my bedside table? Want our thoughts on The Rise of Skywalker? Curious what we’re listening to on Spotify right now? Ever wonder how Fantasy Baseball fits in with our busy family lives? It’s all going to be here. I hope you will be too!

We’ll see you REAL soon!

Keith and the guys

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